tslil clingman: hobbies

3D Printing

I bought a cheap i3 clone and have spent an inordinate amount of time building and rebuilding it, implementing various upgrades. I also enjoy designing objects using Constructive Solid Geometry as implemented by OpenSCAD.


Programming was my first introduction to structured thought, and i have always enjoyed it as a hobby. I have used (x86 and AVR) Assembly, C, Common Lisp, Haskell, Java, Javascript, Python, and Pascal. Of these C, Haskell and Lisp stand out to me as excellent languages and much of my experience has been in them.

Here are some of my projects that i think are especially polished or interesting (though unlikely to be both)

I also enjoy programming under interesting constraints, especially as imposed by the language. Here are two such examples:


Spigot algorithm for π in Base 16,
implemented in (obfuscated?) dc.
          [ "$1" = "$HOME" ] && echo $HOME && exit
          fl="$HOME/.local/share/dir_lst"; [ ! -f "$fl" ] && touch "$fl"
          [ "$2" = '!' ] && echo $1 && exit ||
          ln=`grep -n "$1" "$fl" | head -n 1 | cut -d : -f 1` ;
          if [ -n "$1" ]; then if [ -n "$ln" ]; then
          echo -e "$ln m0\n1p\nw" | ed -s "$fl" || echo \?; else
          l=$1; while [ ! -d "$l" ]; do echo \?; l=$(rlwrap -P$PWD -co cat -);
          [ ${l:(-1)} != / ] && l+=/; done; l=`echo "$l" | sed "s|^[^/]|$PWD/&|"`;
          echo -e "0i\n$l\n.\nw" | ed -s "$fl"; sed -i '43,$d' "$fl"
          fi; else echo -e "2 m0\nw" | ed -s "$fl"; fi;

Smart directory changer in POSIX sh, using the power of grep. Dependencies: sed, ed, rlwrap, grep. Usage: j() { NAME/OF/SCRIPT $*; cd `head -n 1 $HOME/.local/share/dir_lst`}


Links currently broken

While i consider mathematics to be my primary medium, nevertheless it is sometimes fun to experiment with media whose aesthetics can be more readily appreciable. Below are some such experiments of mine.


Links currently broken

Another such avenue is sound. In my distant past i had some musical instrument instruction (piano, then alto saxophone) but i never really grasped the notation or theory. Later on i taught myself penny whistle so that i could enjoy Irish folk music. Sometime before this i discovered that computers could make sounds.

Can you imagine what `compositions' as generated by a young someone without formal musical training or understanding, under the impression that music is just a few good riffs repeated endlessly, sound like? Well, no need to imagine, i happily embarrass myself for your education. From 2010-2014 i have dredged up:

Almost Completed

Not Almost Completed

Not Completed