tslil clingman: hobbies


Programming was my first introduction to structured thought, and i have always enjoyed it as a hobby. Among all the languages i have used, i have written non-trivial or larger programmes in Assembly[1], C, Common Lisp, Haskell, Java, Javascript, Python, Pascal[2], and Rust. Of these C, Haskell and Lisp stand out to me as excellent languages and representative of their domains, and much of my experience has been in them.

I am presently excited to learn Zig as a C replacement, and i hope to be able to share non-trivial projects in it soon.

Here are some of my projects that i think are especially polished or interesting (though unlikely to be both)

I also enjoy programming under interesting constraints, especially as imposed by the language. Here are two such examples:


Spigot algorithm for π in Base 16, implemented in (obfuscated?) dc.
	  [ "$1" = "$HOME" ] && echo $HOME && exit
	  fl="$HOME/.local/share/dir_lst"; [ ! -f "$fl" ] && touch "$fl"
	  [ "$2" = '!' ] && echo $1 && exit ||
	  ln=`grep -n "$1" "$fl" | head -n 1 | cut -d : -f 1` ;
	  if [ -n "$1" ]; then if [ -n "$ln" ]; then
	  echo -e "$ln m0\n1p\nw" | ed -s "$fl" || echo \?; else
	  l=$1; while [ ! -d "$l" ]; do echo \?; l=$(rlwrap -P$PWD -co cat -);
	  [ ${l:(-1)} != / ] && l+=/; done; l=`echo "$l" | sed "s|^[^/]|$PWD/&|"`;
	  echo -e "0i\n$l\n.\nw" | ed -s "$fl"; sed -i '43,$d' "$fl"
	  fi; else echo -e "2 m0\nw" | ed -s "$fl"; fi;

Smart directory changer in POSIX sh, using the power of grep. Dependencies: sed, ed, rlwrap, grep. Suggested usage:
j() { NAME/OF/SCRIPT $*; cd `head -n 1 $HOME/.local/share/dir_lst`}


While i consider mathematics to be my primary – and perhaps only – medium of expression, it is nevertheless sometimes fun to dabble as a complete novice in other media. Here are some visual things:


Another such avenue is sound. In my distant past i had some musical instrument instruction (piano, then alto saxophone) but i never really grasped the notation or theory. Later on i taught myself penny whistle so that i could enjoy Irish folk music. Sometime before this i discovered that computers could make sounds.

Can you imagine what ‘compositions’ sound like, as generated by a young someone without formal musical training or understanding, under the impression that music is just a few good riffs repeated endlessly? Well, no need to imagine, i happily embarrass myself for your education. From 2010-2014 i have dredged up:

Almost Completed

Not Almost Completed

Not Completed

[1] for x86 and AVR
[2] technically it was Delphi